Friday, September 10, 2010

Beauty buys part three

Antibiotics are miracle makers! I feel a lot better today, my throat is still sore and I won't run a marathon today, but I'm happy to be 'back' again! :)

So here I am, finishing this series of beauty posts long before christmas :p. I needed some new brushes, since the my old eyeshadow brush dissapeared (and was kind of old as well) and I did not have an angled brush for eyeliner, nor an eyebrow pencil and brush. So when I saw Hema was doing a sale on beauty products, I decided to fill the gaps in my brush collection. I also picked up two great shades of nurishing lipstick (an 'orangy coral' and a aubergine one) and although I'm more a lipgloss kind of girl, I'm very happy with them.


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