Friday, April 13, 2012

BLOGGING | & now what

Where there's supposed to be one or more picture(s) ..

So I prepared a post for today. Wanted to post it. Now blogger says there's no more room for pictures on my account and I have to pay them to get more uploading space. So I say: WHAT?! And after that: what happens now? I never planned to pay good money - that I could buy shoes, nailspolish, dresses and rings with - for a place to blog. If they say it's for free, it has to be limitless. Or so I think ..

If someone knows a solution other than pay the motherfuckers - excuse my french - I'd like to hear that. Untill then, I'll blog without pictures (just joking, sadly, I won't blog at all - see you all on twitter and facebook!)

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