Sunday, January 2, 2011

electric warrior

Dress | h&m
Coat | Amisu
Earrings | New Look
Rings | Asos, street market, h&m

I hope you all had an AMAZING start of the year .. 
Spent the weekend in Antwerp with some of my best friends and we had a great time. Sadly one of my girls was ill and couldn't celebrate to the fullest (but you were still amazing Ania, thx!).

As my facebook followers already know, my camera was stolen, containing all of our New Years eve pictures, so I haven't got anything I can show you guys .. I will snap some shots to show my NY outfit later on, when I have a new camera .. So for now I leave you with this picture of another 'training' day in long lost 2010 ;)

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  1. What a cute pic!! hope you had a great end and beginning of the year!

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  2. you look gorgeous<3 pls stop by:) if you want we can follow each other through bloglovin/google:) xx

  3. Love the picture! You look gorgeous!
    I' following you! Follow back if you like:)



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