Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleepaholic on the run

I had one hell of party weekend (again) ..
Saturday, I hit the city with some of my 'bestest' friends (it was a very - VERY - long day, I was awake for something like 23 hours, not easy for a sleepaholic such as myself :p). Yesterday (yes, Halloween-but-not-for-me), we had a family get-together. Our get-togethers are always the best, really really LOVE my fam :) ..

So here are some pics of my very 'awake' weekend (it goes without saying I slept 'till 11 this morning).
Hope you all had amazing weekends!

ps: my niece makes the most beautiful (and tasty) cupcakes - seems like she has my fair share of baking-skills as well :p

I'm wearing: New Look dress (old), Hema headband and random jewellery
(Cupcake pictures by An/ my niece)

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  1. yum the cupcakes look delish xxxx

  2. They really were :) thx!


  3. Sounds like you had a good night love your look and those cup cakes look so yummy xoxo

  4. Aaaahw the cupcakes looks so cute and yummie!
    Send me one please!



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