Sunday, November 28, 2010

leo love

 Nails by Miss Oh' (more designs here)
Sparkly top | In Wear

Still a bit hungover from yesterday partying - we went to a rock'ish band-gig in my hometown, and threw a small after-concert-party ourselves - I leave you with these pictures of the nail art I did yesterday.


Since quite a few people asked me how I did my nails, I decided to explain it to you step by step. I am not doing video tutorials because of a current lack of equipement ;) ..

So, lets get started:
- first you apply a clear base coat 
make sure the base coat is completely dry before you start with the purple
- make a side swipe with the purple polish and fill in half your nail
- again, let dry completely
- after, apply a clear polish with small glitter over your entire nail (or apply only to the purple or the nude part, if you like that)
- when everything is completely dry again you start with the leopard spots by adding small random spots with a white polish and let dry
- now you can add the black lines with a thin tip nail art polish, or (as I prefer to do) you can put some black polish on a piece of paper, take a toothpick (or a small nail art dotting tool) an dip it in the polish, with it you can draw lines on the white leo spots.
- finally, add a clear top coat, and you're done!

I hope this was usefull, let me know if you would like to read more about my nail art on this blog. For more ideas & designs, check my nail art website here.

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  1. cant believe you did those nails yourself!! theyre gorgeous! how do you do it??

  2. Thats so skilled, nice!


  3. Ok first off your banner is fabulous! Glad you had a fun partying weekend, those are the best!

  4. your nails look fabulous xxx

  5. lovely nails!!

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