Sunday, October 3, 2010

(Faux) fur happiness

Yesterday, I went for a little after-work stroll around the city with my dad. Of course, that resulted in me wanting to shop for some time. Luckily, I have a lovely dad who doesn't mind to shop with me every now and then. I love how he doesn't only offers to carry my bags everytime, but also really gives his opinion and adds pieces for me to fit while shopping.

H&M had a small mid-season sale, and I scored a faux fur leopad coat at 70% off! It is cuddely soft and reminds me of my childhood love for stuffed animals. Since I find it is still a bit to early to wear furry things now (especially a coat), it needs to stay inside my closet for some time. I also bought a somewhat sheer, long, oversized jumper that I absolutely love. How much I love my purchases, the real reason I think of yesterday as my lucky day (fashionwise), concerns another faux fur-find. As I ran into a secondhand shop I never knew was there until yesterday, I saw a bautiful mid-long coat, priced €15! You can understand my excitement!

At least I won't be cold during winter this year ;)

PS: I can't upload other pictures today (blogger's uploading tool doesn't seem to work today), so I will post pictures of my cuddly beauties tomorrow!

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